About Us

Sound Bites is more than just a shop!

We are a not for profit worker’s co-operative, which means that there are no shareholders, and the staff structure is non-hierarchical. We don’t have a CEO, what we do have is a collective management team where we work together and make decisions together. We all earn the same wage because all parts of the jobs needed to run the store are equally valuable to us.

We are as ethical as possible. There are many difficult decisions to be made, and we try to face these as best we can. This includes looking at the parent companies and the practices of brands that we choose to stock, how we can reuse and recycle any waste that we might produce, finding the most environmentally friendly ways to operate, supporting and promoting local like-minded events and charities. We use Ethical Consumer magazine to get the most up to date information on the ethics of brands.

Biodegradable Packaging. Sound Bites packs down the majority of the wholefoods we sell in biodegradable cellophane packaging. We also use paper pots for the salads and soups sold at the deli counter and the forks and spoons are made from plant cellulose!

Refills. We currently offer refills of various household products, such as washing up liquid, toilet cleaner and hand wash. Just return your empty bottles and take one of the ready done refill bottles off the shelf. This scheme helps eliminate the amount of single use plastics.

We are local. We love to support other local producers and give them a platform to sell their goods and this minimises food miles and helps keep independent businesses flourishing. Our organic fresh produce is as local and seasonal as possible, never air freighted and plastic free.