‘The Nibbler’ is Sound Bites’ quarterly newsletter. It contains updates on our progress, information about local groups and events, and articles on wider issues relating to food and sustainability. To receive it by email contact:

Issue 69 – A lockdown #3 update

Issue 68 – A post lockdown #1 update

Issue 67 – A look at various local groups working on supporting our community

Issue 66 – Food waste and some in-depth thoughts on sugar

Issue 65 – Ecobricks, soya and turnips (yep, what a combination)

Issue 64 – Change and Ethical Considerations

Issue 63– Looking forward, perfectionism and plastic in teabags

Issue 62 – Foraging, Organic, and Bees!

Issue 61 – The weather, zero waste, and conflict

Issue 60 – Love, loss, and importance of Vitamin D & B12

Issue 59 – Sleep and Self Care

Issue 58 – Super everyday foods, Pukka and the joys of hemp

Issue 57 – Hodmedod, Oatly, Farming and BBQs

Issue 56 – Fair Food edition – an inspection of choices and chocolate

Issue 55 – Compassion, charity, and sandwiches!

Issue 54 – Organic September and Compassionate Derby

Issue 53 – Brexit and organics, veganism, adventures at Glastonbury

Issue 52 – Raw foods, Easter celebrations and the Palm oil industry

Issue 51 – Sugar, mindful eating, and the carbon footpring of your bananas. Plus, tasty banana curry inspiration

Issue 50 – The Bygone Issue!!! 10 years of business, the 50th edition of the Nibbler, a fun reflection of our history…

Issue 49 – WWEP, all about soil, Aquafaba (say what?) and a zesty beetroot salad!

Issue 48 – Spring/Summer season gardening, TTIP deal, Veggies campaigning and yummy roasted broccoli soup 😀

Issue 47 – C0-housing communities, Sound Bites and Climate Change, Aquabox, Winter sausage and haricot stew and more….

Issue 46 – Natural cleaning, Festive foods, and the new look for the shop!

Issue 45-  Food & Mental Health, New Products, Rescued Calves, Local Growers, Bokashi Composting, BBQ Recipes, Broad Beans & much Yaffleness!

 Issue 44-  Goodbye Ruth,  Earthworms,  GM free Derbyshire, Foraging,  Stone Soup, Rhubarb Muffins!

Issue 43- Year of the Vegan, Jute Bag Amnesty, Plants for Sale, Growing Quinoa in Belper, Yaffle’s Chilli Night, Risotto recipe and more!

Issue 42 – We are 8!, Housing Issues, Yaffle blog, Economics is for All of Us, Kids – Organic Clothes, and healthy snacks, Casserole recipe…

Issue 41 – New Website, Community Corner, Guerilla Gardening, People’s Assembly, Whistlewood Common, Multi Sensory Meal Nights and more!

Issue 40 – bread, bees, Provamel, supermarkets, local bran, reclaimed wood, a curry recipe, earlier opening times and more events at Yaffle cafe… and more!

Issue 39 – the next Real Food Fair!, the importance of choosing organic (quinoa example), donate fairtrade packaging for sculpture, farewell Graham, Yaffle hot meals daily, lemon cake recipe, and more!

Issue 38 – Real Food Fair, Cropshare for more local produce, Copper Tools, Compassionate Derby, Treestation share offer, Wild Peak working weekends, and 2 chai nights!

Issue 37 – Yaffle cafe’s expanding menu, Grow your own herbs, Co-operatives, Petition for more midwives, Supporting Bees and a delicious recipe for Kohl Rabi salad.

Issue 36 – Vegetable Pedallers news, Foston pig farm update, Co-operative Games, Alvaston Park Science Garden, Recycled fuel and a yummy stew recipe!

Issue 35 – Events at the shop, including: a letter writing session, a sushi demo, fairtrade tastings and a bad film night! plus a ‘walk towards summer, co-operation in 2012 and news from the Community Climate Action

Issue 34 – Save the Bees, An amazing price comparison! Yaffle Cafe update, spicy parsnip recipe, Raw power and People Power and as always, much much more!

Issue 33 – Vegetable Pedallers, Healthy Start Vouchers, Derby 50K club, Natural Sanitary Protection, BioD Refills (more than before), Rebellious Media Conference and more…

Issue 32 – Japanese Products, 38 Degrees, Sound Bites Mail Chimp, One Straw Revolution, Derbyshire Eco Centre, WWOOF tales, Recycling Toner, Stripey Line Stitchery and more.

Issue 31 – New Shop Front!, Hot Pasties, Friends of Sound Bites, Empowering Derby, Campaign Against Climate Change, Volunteer Projects – Palm Oil/Snax and more.

Issue 30 – Launch of the online shop, 5 years of Sound Bites!, Zero Carbon Britain, Friends of Sound Bites Group, Derby People’s Kitchen, M.A.D. Web Sturgess Success and more.

Issue 29 – Vegetable pedallers gets more funding, Yaffle Cafe Bookshop Opens, 10/10/10, UK Factory Farms, French Soya and Stop Betting on Hunger.

Issue 28 – Sound Bites is 5!, Vegetable Pedallers Sponsored Bike Ride, Food Inc Supper Promotion, Great Value Hot Desking at Sound Bites, Palm Oil, Broomfield Organic Field Under Threat and The Clockworks Community Garden.

Issue 27 – Friends of Sound Bites group, price comparison – what great value we are! Food Issues, Cutting Carbon, Elvaston Castle petition, and monitor your electricity.

Issue 26 – Freedom Football, No2ID, Carnival Drumming, Conservation Gardening, Amber Valley Veggies, Apple Recipes and all the latest product news.

Issue 25 – Swap Derby,Books to Gaza, Derby Alternative Festival, New Groups in Derby, Veg Pedalers film and more.

Issue 24 – Off The Page, Alternative Banking, Palestine, The Plight of Bees, Free Software and Derwent Green Gym

Issue 23 – Fair Trade Fortnight, New Fair Trade Shop in Derby, Quad, Gaza, Sturgess Fields Success, 5 Rythms Dance, and Incineration.

Issue 22 – West Papua, Sturgess Fields Campaign, Kinesiology Taster Day, Diabetic Cookery Course & Design the new Sound Bites Shopping Bag.

Issue 21 – Shared Ethical Premises, Food Security, Tree Aid, Open Cast Mining in Derbyshire, Climate Camp and more.

Issue 20 – Transition Towns, Tescopoly, Eco Buildings, Biofuels.

Issue 19 – Home Delivery, Fair Trade Fortnight, The Month of Love, Going Car free, Wild Peak Housing Co-op, and Eating Wild.

Issue 18 – Free massage tasters, Derby LETS, Wild Food, Sturgess Field campaign, Environmental Audit, Palestinian Olive Harvest.

Issue 17 – New Veggie Social group, Esther’s Veggie Cafe update, Cut the Carbon, Footprints for Peace, Derby Climate Action, Sustrans and more.

Issue 16 – ‘Derby Green Diary’, the new biodiesel supplier in Derby, the organic garden project for Markeaton Park, a nappy laundering pilot scheme, recycling of old mobiles, chargers and inkjet cartridges, and the vegetarian speed dating event!

Issue 15 – Cycle Delivery Scheme Funding Success and Job Advert, Wholesale Food at Wholesale Prices!, Therapy Room Progress, Faslane News

Issue 14 – Sunday opening, Fluoride information, Rossport Solidarity Camp, Derby Housing Aid, The Green Gym, Hunt Sabbing & more!

Issue 13 – Summer 06 Includes articles on: S19 Housing Co-op, Soya Production, Buy Less Live More Week, New Local Growers and The Climate Camp.

Issue 12– May / June 2006 Includes articles on: Company Take Overs, Real Nappies, Nuclear Energy, National Vegetarian Week, and Wild Food