In Season


There are lots of good reasons for eating with the seasons. It is cheaper, your food is likely to be fresher and you can significantly reduce your food miles. Eating food that is in season is often tastier too, a good example being the difference in flavour between an imported strawberry in January and one grown locally and picked when it is ripe in June. Buying locally grown produce also supports the local economy.

Sound Bites aims to buy fresh food as locally as possible. This means that what is available on the veg stand alters with the seasons. Balanced against that, we also try to make sure that certain popular fruit and vegetables such as apples and bananas are available at all times. It is not always possible to sell only UK vegetables. There is a period known as The Hungry Gap (late spring to early summer) when there is not much available and we fill the gaps with imported produce.

This may all sound a bit vague, but there are certain principles we will stick to. We never sell air freighted produce and if something is in season and enough is available locally we won’t buy it in from abroad. We are committed to working with several small-scale local growers and will try to buy anything they are able to offer us in order to support them.

There are numerous websites that show you what is in season. Try:

Eat The Seasons