We work hard towards being an Aladdin’s Cave of wonderful foods, many of which you might not find on the high street anymore. Everything we sell happens to be Vegan, because we believe it to be the most ethical and environmentally suistainable diet. We don’t feel like this is a limitation, but something that everyone can enjoy with a minimised impact.

We have a whole array of ‘own brand’ items – flakes, grains, nuts, seeds, fruits etc, which we buy in bulk amounts and pack ourselves in order to make them as affordable as we can and reduce on waste packaging. Almost all of our own brand items are certified organic with the Soil Association, and are all packaged into biodegradable cellophane.

Our fresh fruit and vegetables are always sourced as locally as possible to reduce food miles, are again almost exclusively organically grown, and are where possible sold loose. Not only does this reduce the need for unnecessary packaging waste, but also food waste, as you don’t need to buy more than you would use!

We also have lots of wonderful alternatives to meat and dairy, to promote as environmentally responsible lifestyle as possible and care goes into the selection of the brands and ranges we wish to stock. We love to receive feedback on items you love, or suggestions for things we should absolutely have, so feel free to get in touch.

Ethical ~ Organic ~ Local ~ Fair Trade ~ Vegan ~ Free From