Fluoride Mint Toothpaste Tabs, x60

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Toothpaste tablets are basically regular toothpaste, minus the water. This means we don’t have to ship regular tap water around the globe. Because there’s plenty of water in your tap already.

Ingredients: Sorbitol, Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Hydrated Silica, Sodium Lauroyl, Sarcosinate, Maltodextrin, Yeast, Sodium Monofluorophosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil, Menthol, Stevioside, Mentha Piperita Oil.

fluoride content: 1450PPM



1 review for Fluoride Mint Toothpaste Tabs, x60

  1. DailyPanicBuy

    Bought these for environmental reasons, now find them the best way to clean my teeth!

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